50Best Accolades

Kwānt is a derivative of quaint; and isn’t this bar just? One foot into Erik Lorincz’s venue and you’re transported to another time, another clime. Continuing the journey from Moroccan restaurant Momo upstairs, Kwant puts you bar-side with Humphrey Bogart in the 1940s classic Casablanca, just with exquisite cocktails and a lot more colour. With herringbone-patterned carpet, palms, rattan chairs and bamboo-styled ceilings there is tropical detailing throughout – this is tiki for the high-cultured. No less would you expect from its owner Lorincz, whose glittering bartending career saw him lead the American Bar at the Savoy to critical success. His first London bar was much anticipated and his first menu, unchanged since opening in spring 2019, is unrestrained Lorincz. Take the Hacienda: tequila, vermouth, lacto-fermented purple carrot, fino sherry, mezcal, agave nectar and lime juice. Rich yet fresh, green yet earthy, it – as everything on the menu – is remarkably smart drinks-making. Elegantly served in Lorincz’s own range of fine glassware by your white-jacketed bartenders – this is a five-star tropical bar. Kwānt is the winner of the London Essence Best New Opening Award 2020, given to a bar with the highest position in the list that has opened in the past 18 months.