A century-old Italian café and something of an institution of the Greenwich Village locale, Dante reopened in 2015 under the modernising influence of Australians Linden Pride and Nathalie Hudson. While the fundamentals remained, in came new food, world-class cocktails, a fresh crowd and a new lease of life. Open all day, the bar hooks you in with varied and delicious bait – a coffee in the morning, perhaps some lunchtime pasta and not long after a never-too-early aperitivo. The list of Negronis is renowned and growing: the Café Negroni, with rum, marsala and coffee liqueur being the latest spin on the classic; while the Garibaldi, with Campari and ‘fluffy’ orange juice, remains one of the best renditions around. But under the liquid leadership of Eloy Pacheco and ex-Coupette man Chris Moore, there has been a narrowing in on Martinis (try the Vesper-esque Dante Martini) and Spritzes, among which is the zesty Seville Spritz, topped with Prosecco. As all classic venues, Dante moves forward, never forgetting its past.