Asia Today

Asia Today followed on the success of the team’s first opening, Teens of Thailand, and is helmed by powerhouse Niks Anuman-Rajadhon, who became the face of fighting for the rights of bars during the Covid-19 pandemic. The first thing you’ll notice upon entering is the cheeky, self-referential pink neon sign that declares “This bar is better than Teens of Thailand”, and a life-sized plastic shark suspended above the bar. The decor may be playful, but the drinks here are serious, using foraged ingredients, or items grown in-house. Anuman-Rajadhon is passionate about honey, and if you’re lucky enough, you can catch a glimpse of the bar’s collection upstairs, which even features ‘mad’ honey from Nepal. The bar’s signature, Eastern Honey Bee, is served in a mug made from beeswax and made with gin, wild Apis cerana honey, lime and wild honey foam.


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