Offering sprawling views of Bengaluru city by night, Copitas, located on the 21st floor of the Four Seasons hotel is the city’s cocktail mecca. The bar attracts the city’s coolest crowd – designers, entrepreneurs, musicians, actors, and anyone who wants to enjoy great drinks with a stunning view, and a reasonable amount of privacy. Sarath Nair runs a tight ship with a lean team that churns out clean and delicious cocktails. There is nothing complicated about the drinks here and that is one of the bar’s strongest suits. Copitas is surprisingly easy going for a hotel bar, with Asian-inspired bar nibbles and a cigar selection perfectly punctuating the sophisticated cocktails and wines. Hotel bars in India offer the best of Indian hospitality and Copitas is a fine example of this – you can walk in alone at 5pm and enjoy a panoramic sunset over the city’s skyline or drop in for a nightcap to end the night on a high note. Ask for the crowd favourite Crazy Rich Negroni, a beautiful coffee-infused tribute to the classic, with leftover banana peel and aromatic pandan.


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