Sober Company

One of several of Shingo Gokan’s multi-levelled playgrounds, you need to set aside a few hours to have the whole Sober experience. Start at the ground floor café level for some great coffee and aperitivos. You’ll need some sustenance – head to Sober Kitchen for some modern Chinese/fusion fare (think Mapo Tofu with Foie Gras). One more stop will bring you to Sober Society, where the real drinking starts: go for the Corpse Reviver or one of the Zodiac-themed drinks. A word to the wise: you need to collect a token at each concept and when you have the three, you will be able to gain access to the speakeasy Tipsy. There’s no menu here, just tell the bartender what you are in the mood for, sit back and enjoy. Gokan’s Sober Company is somewhat ironically named: the motto here is ‘Come Sober, leave Tipsy’.