As its name suggests, Darkside is focused on all things dark – rare aged spirits, chocolate and vintage cigars – as well as being a play on the colloquial name for the Kowloon side of Hong Kong where the Rosewood is situated. With its own exclusive casks of single harvest tawny port from 1994 and Grande Champagne cognac aged in oak, the bar’s current menu – inspired by the eight phases of the moon – is the first cocktail menu presented in a high-tech hologram video. The interactive menu also comes with a Moon Magic Ball, which encourages indecisive guests to shake and reveal a moon phase representing the cocktail meant for them. Each cocktail is served in its own unique vessel and the intensity of the drink is determined by its brightness or darkness – both corresponding to its moon phase. The team also recently collaborated with a spirits brand and local forager to create Hong Kong’s first amaro using local botanicals.


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