Two Schmucks

Two Schmucks was launched as a pop-up series before it was turned into a bar. Built on a shoestring, the space was closed after a while, completely gutted and rebuilt from scratch. This DIY ethos permeates everything Two Schmucks does. Ferociously independent and not afraid to step on anyone’s toes, owner Moe Aljaff has recently taken a step back to allow the French pairing of Juliette Larrouy and Pom Modeste take the reins. The new team remains loyal to two things: their neighbourhood and flavour — “flavour is king”, as they say. Located in El Raval, one of Barcelona’s most diverse and multicultural areas, the team turns towards local produce — which, in Raval, can mean Pakistani or Arabic as much as Catalonian — to come up with the flavour-packed drinks on the monthly changing menus. A staple since its first pop-ups, the Curry Colada — a clarified blend of rums, pineapple, coconut and Madras curry — is the perfect example of the merits of this approach. Best enjoyed to a hip-hop soundtrack, of course.