Two Schmucks

Barcelona’s Two Schmucks generates one of the best vibes in the business. Its ‘five-star dive bar’ theme combines the relaxed party atmosphere of a classic kick-back boozer with the serious, professional drinks and service you expect to find in the world’s best hotel bars. The narrow bar sits in the hipster enclave of El Raval and is the tangible reflection of owner Moe Aljaff’s eccentric personality. With battered Converse hanging over steel girders and signs reading words inappropriate for print, Two Schmucks oozes irreverence. The bar’s drinks offering reflects both ends of the spectrum with a happy hour serving beer, shots and grilled cheese toasties, while at the other end boasting elegant drinks such as Spaniard and Schmuck 50/50, which are both served with cheese pairings. But the most refreshing thing about Two Schmucks is you can put your feet up, drink refined cocktails and know the night could end dancing on tables.


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