Trick Dog

Trick Dog became a destination bar when it opened in 2013 in a once-quiet residential neighbourhood of San Francisco, now populated with other food and drink hot spots. The lure has always been the bar’s innovative cocktail menus that have ranged from a Dr Seuss-inspired rhyme book to a faux-Chinese restaurant menu to an instructional hippy survivalist catalogue. These launch every six months to great fanfare and provide a semi-annual requirement of a revisit, even to drinkers who have been there a hundred times before. The venue is semi-industrial, mostly-standing room, with a small balcony for diners and dynamic bartenders hustling through orders with great efficiency and panache as the focal point of the space. They’re preparing cocktails accented with curiosity-piquing infusions such as seaweed and ‘everything bagel spice’, and garnishes including a miniature peanut butter and jelly sandwich. It’s all part of the allure of this ever-influential kitschy-clever cocktail bar.


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