The SG Club

Shingo Gokan‘s (subtly) eponymous recent venture – and his first bar in his home country – is inspired by 1860, when the first Samurais visited the US. The bar imagines what those visitors would have encountered and brought back to Japan from their travels. The multiple levels provide several experiences depending on mood and personality, starting with Sip & Guzzle then climbing to a higher floor opened a few months ago. Guzzle is right as you enter, a more casual and lively drinking space, while Sip is in the basement, with an old-fashioned shoe shine set up at its entrance, and feels like a dark and moody speakeasy. Savor on the third floor is a members’ cigar bar and open late. Across the venue the drinks use a combination of western and Japanese ingredients to great success in a fun yet professional environment. Based in Shibuya, the SG Club may be Gokan’s homecoming bar, but it caters to an international audience too – there are menus in English and, mercifully, no table charge.