The Old Man

Inspired by one of the most famous drinkers in history, The Old Man pays homage to writer Ernest Hemingway in a big way. Each drink is named after one of his famous texts, using novel ingredients in a most creative fashion, with culinary influences as well. The tiny space means you get involved in your neighbours’ conversations, something heartily encouraged by bar owners Agung Prabowo, Roman Ghale and James Tamang. The L-shaped bar has a revolutionary bronze cooling strip running down the middle of the whole thing – all the better to keep your drinks at an optimal temperature. Hemingway himself oversees the bar – or rather his likeness does in a piece of art ingeniously fashioned out of leftover building materials. This bijoux bar maybe a bit tricky to find. At the corner of Aberdeen and Staunton, look in the alley opposite Happy Paradise and you’ll see a gentleman in a suit who controls the flow of the crowd (and there always is one). Ascend to cocktail heaven.