The Old Man

As its moniker alludes, The Old Man is a tribute to author and renowned imbiber Ernest Hemingway. Tucked away at the foot of an unassuming stair, this bantam-sized bar packs heavyweight-grade punches with top-notch hospitality and a convivial spirit thanks to the layout of the bar counter, which removes barriers between bartender and guest although now with Covid measures in place, of course. The L- shaped bar serves as a communal table for drinkers to gather round and place their cocktails on the built-in cooling strip that removes the need for coasters. Each cocktail is named after a Hemingway novel and laden with depths of unusual flavours, created using culinary techniques. Take the Sun Also Rises – coconut oil fat-washed applejack, curry leaf-infused gin, sweet vermouth sous-vide pandan leaves and kaffir lime – which inspires awe thanks to its green kryptonite glow and palate-pleasing roundness. If you’re lucky, the team might just throw you a cocktail shaker and invite you to take the stage to make some drinks.