The Clumsies

With its world-class cocktail list, beautiful food and warm Greek hospitality, The Clumsies is the bar you wish was in your neighbourhood. The central Athens all-day bar has the ability to flow effortlessly from a cosy daytime spot to a quiet night-time haunt to a full-blown party. This is partly down to its townhouse setting: from its statement bar in the front, terrace in the back, and private bar and billiard table up a wide staircase, the guest is always made to feel at home. But the real trick here, if there is one, is how naturally it all comes to co-owners Vasilis Kyritsis and Nikos Bakoulis, and their team led by head bartender Nick Sourbatis and bar manager Georgia Georgakopoulou.

The current menu, F<3lings, explores the emotions felt in a bar: Happiness, Excitement and Tenderness. But First Coffee, from Excitement, plays with different roasting temperatures of coffee maceration to create a play on a Dry Martini, while Another Colada, from Tenderness, twists a Piña Colada using aged mezcal, milk kefir and pineapple. Now a veteran of the list, The Clumsies has never found the acclaim to be a distraction, always remaining inviting, intelligent, but most importantly, really, really good fun.