Tayēr + Elementary

Alex Kratena and Monica Berg’s Tayēr + Elementary is the crowning work of bartending royalty. A venue of two parts, Elementary is the industrially styled space you first encounter: a casual all-day spot where cocktails are prepared in seconds, thanks to a draught system, while the bar’s own-label wine and beer are a frequent presence. While most visits start with the bar’s signature One Sip Martini, the menu here takes in other spins on familiar classics, with a weekly rotating menu in sync with the seasons and their bounty. Everything is served without garnish or affectation in identically squat glasses – here the deliciousness of the liquid does the talking.

Through the partition at Tayēr, the drinks are even more loquacious, with esoteric ingredients harnessed in a daily carousel of new recipes; always in step with the seasons and the kitchen’s latest creations. Be it here in Tayēr’s open kitchen-like theatre, or a fleeting drink in the bustling, bar industry-strewn Elementary, this is a venue through which the small details of the future of bartending have been foreseen – and forensically executed.