Elegance and efficiency in perfect balance, Swift in Soho is a bar for the times. Upstairs is the more transient space, with clean but classy Art Déco-esque decor, offering the perfect stop-in spot. Be it a perfect Dry Martini, the bar’s famous sorbet Sgroppino serve, or its wintery Irish Coffee, drinks are refined but executed quickly – it’s the sort of bar you go into for one and end up having too much fun to leave. Downstairs, the vibe shifts – here you might need to book, and once settled into your booth you’ll want to stay for a while. After all, there are 300 whiskies to choose from and a dedicated cocktail list too.

Swift’s owners Bobby Hiddleston and Mia Johansson (in collaboration with Nightjar’s Rosie Stimpson and Edmund Weil) have created the perfect modern cocktail bar, with all the quality, but none of the affectation. Unsurprisingly, it’s multiplying, with sister venues popping up around London. The Shoreditch site launched during the pandemic and up next is Swift Borough.