Sober Company

Shingo Gokan does like his multi-storied buildings and this three-in-one ode to New York concept does not disappoint. The ground floor is Sober Cafe and Gokan’s way to introduce aperitivo culture to the market. There is an emphasis on coffee, highly creative soft-serve flavours, small plates and brunch. The second floor is Sober Kitchen, which provides modern Chinese cuisine such as foie gras mapo tofu and black sesame crème brûlée. After dinner you can adjourn to Sober Society where enthusiasts enjoy refined cocktails such as the Godfather III, or the more complex Blue in Green. If you make it through the first three concepts you will be allowed to go to Tipsy, the ultra-secret bar where your cocktail dreams can come true. After all, its motto is “come sober, leave tipsy”. Be prepared to spend many hours trying to get to the top.