50Best Accolades

With an island bar centre stage, Sips is every bit the modern bar concept – here the bartenders and their creations are the show. And with two of the most box office drinksmiths in the cocktail world holding court, Simone Caporale and Marc Alvarez, it’s quite the spectacle.

During the day, Sips has a mellower feel, with pastel pink and green decor making this an approachable early evening venue, but as night falls and the lights dim, it transforms into a dark and sultry hideaway. It’s showtime: so pick up a menu and prepare to be wowed by cocktails that are high on technical ingenuity. Many are re-routed classics – such as the Caipirinha, made with a masticator to round off bitterness – or, for the ultimate tableside fun, ask if Heliodora is available. 

This vintage Mexican hand-turned machine delivers grapefruit ‘shaved ice’ as a base, before a gargantuan pipette drops sherry into the glass and the Daiquri Heliodora is completed with rum and lime. It’s all complemented by a Michelin-grade pastry chef, who drops her creations at the Sips door every Monday morning. Expect the likes of devilishly delicious pâté en croûte and foie gras parfait at the bar awarded the Nikka Highest Climber Award for 2022.