Satan's Whiskers

Breaking down the bar experience into drinks, service and atmosphere, Satan’s Whiskers is the master of them all. And perhaps that’s why this is so often referred to as London’s bartenders’ bar. Set away from the glamour of central London in east-ish Bethnal Green, Satan’s Whiskers has an unassuming feel. Inside it’s all exposed bricks, taxidermy and vintage booze posters, somehow tied together with its now-famous hip-hop playlist. You know in an instant this place serves cocktails with classical foundations. Indeed, launched by alumni of the former two-time World’s Best Bar, Milk & Honey, here are some of the best classic cocktails in the city.

So, no frills – just tasty drinks, great ice, served in elegant glassware. Of which the Manhattans are unrivalled, but such is the craft of the bartenders and their devotion to using fresh ingredients, the menu changes daily. Now in its tenth year, Satan’s Whiskers becomes more the institution every time it opens its doors.