Salmon Guru

Destination bars are like trends: they’re meant to last until the next big thing comes along. And yet Salmon Guru has been Madrid’s destination bar for four years now. Maybe it’s for the quirky drinks, bursting — sometimes quite literally — with flavours and served in eye-catching custom glassware. Or the elegant interior, running the gamut from 1950s tropical to comics lounge and Hollywood opium den. Probably also for what owner Diego Cabrera calls ‘five-star service in a casual setting’. But if Salmon Guru remains a must-visit, it’s mostly because it never rests on its creative laurels. While the new menu — created with the help of anthropologists — has been put on hold by the pandemic, its ephemeral, travel-inspired series is already creating waves. This year, the team has explored how cocktails would ferment and evolve under sherry-like conditions. To be drunk to be believed.