Salmon Guru

Salmons go against the stream and that’s what Diego Cabrera set out to do when he launched Salmon Guru in 2016. Madrid’s cocktail scene was on the grey-ish side, so Salmon overwhelms the senses with its intriguing dialogue between the classic wood and copper elements and the comic-inspired art or kitschy curtains. It was a city of classics, so Salmon goes for crazy serves and techniques – dragon mugs or cocktails aged in salt water, for example.

Now, Salmon Guru is an institution, revered for the quality of its service (the team won the Michter’s Art of Hospitality Award in 2021) and for its role as a city ambassador. In that respect, Cabrera takes particular pride in the links Salmon Guru has created with other local businesses, from craft shops to breweries and sherry bars. You don’t go against the stream alone: it feels better taking a whole community along.