Salmon Guru

50Best Accolades

When it opened in 2016, Salmon Guru turbocharged a rather dormant Madrid scene. It showed locals there was life beyond the Gin Fizz with imaginative, quirky drinks suited to an elegant, quirky bar – a space divided into three distinct areas, running the gamut from 1950s tropical to comics lounge and Shanghai bordello. Word soon spread and international visitors started flocking for drinks such as the mezcal-based Chipotle Chillón, served with a choice of homemade mint and ginger lemonades on the side. But Diego Cabrera – by far Spain’s most significant bartender of the past decade – and team don’t rest on their laurels. Last year saw them travelling to Amazonia to bring back unique flavours for a special menu that is the talk of the town. Here, everything is turned into a conversation piece – that’s why it is packed every night of the week. Climbing 28 spots up the list since 2018, Salmon Guru is the winner of the Highest Climber Award, sponsored by Tanqueray.