Barcelona’s Paradiso isn’t a bar, it’s a Broadway show. From the moment you enter through the pastrami bar freezer door (speakeasy, yes, but Mediterranean style), to the moment you leave the bar’s Dali-esque interior, it’s all about having fun. So, while the cocktails aren’t the only things to entice the crowds, they certainly take centre stage at this busy El Born bar, and none more so than this year – co-owner Giacomo Giannotti has hammed up the theatre from an already playful base. Take a bow, the Illusionist menu. Housed in vessels (if we can call them that) bespoke-made by local craftspeople, some cocktails change colour, others transition from sweet to bitter, there are those that are guillotined in half in front of you and others you can’t even find. But if drinks in Trojan Horses aren’t your thing, go for the classic twist Super Cool Martini. Made using a proprietary technique, the mixing of the liquids sees an iceberg freeze in the glass. Just another bit of the unexpected from the Paradiso box of tricks.