Operation Dagger

Once you find your way into this subterranean bar (which takes a bit of ingenuity as there is no sign, merely a logo above a doorway), you’ll be greeted with a light cloud, formed from a several hundred lightbulbs (one for each Eureka moment the team have had), bunker-chic decor (very minimalist so as not to detract from the drinks) and a whole lot of creativity. Founder (though recently moved on) Luke Whearty lived the bar mantra of “going down the road less travelled” by creating a menu with culinary-centric cocktails such as Goma-shio or Oyster Ice Cream. There are no spirit references on the menu so customers won’t have any preconceived notions of taste. And the ongoing experimentation produces some of the most delicious results. For example, the house fermented natural wines programme uses ingredients such as cabbage, beetroot or rhubarb instead of the traditional grapes to great success. If you can’t decide, try the Omakase menu with three to five drinks and accompanying bar bites.