A champion of regional and local ingredients, Native is about to celebrate its fourth birthday and continues to be hyper-relevant and creative. Its selection of Asian-produced spirits has grown significantly and the upstairs lab is increasingly responsible for new and popular concoctions. The focus on all things local means the team forage at every opportunity, but they are also huge advocates of zero waste. This ethos is apparent in everything from the lotus leaf coasters to the choice of ingredients to minimise detritus. During the lockdown, they finally had some bandwidth and, after much R&D, have come up with a very appropriate food offering. Founder Vijay Mudaliar and team also collaborated on projects with local food and beverage partners. Let us be clear, none of these principles are ever at the expense of quality or taste – after all, this is the third year Native has been voted among the top 20 bars in the world. The drinks and the thinking that underpins them, combined with a friendly and charmingly geeky welcome, make for the complete bar experience.