Maybe Sammy

50Best Accolades
Australia doesn’t much go for the grand hotel bar. Whereas London has its Connaught, and Singapore its Manhattan, the hotel bars of Australia tend to be of the kind in which the bartender wears a name badge, the drinks are overpriced, and the service mixed. Maybe Sammy is one of the world’s best hotel bars — it just isn’t attached to a hotel. Owners Stefano Catino, Vince Lombardi and Andrea Gualdi have created a hostelry that ticks all the boxes of the world’s best: an inventive and delicious cocktail list, luxe surrounds and an attention to detail – not to mention great hospitality – that the genre is known for. Most nights you’ll see Catino commanding the room, doing what he does better than most – hosting and welcoming you. Gualdi is behind the bar, holding court and delighting guests with experiential serves. You’ll feel you’re a million miles away, and not want to leave. In 2019, Maybe Sammy wins the title of The Best Bar in Australasia, sponsored by illycaffè.