Maybe Sammy

50Best Accolades

To describe Maybe Sammy is to talk about an experience. The cocktails are all of a calibre you’d expect from a bar on this list, the service attentive, the interior – a palette of pastels and rich greens – Art Deco and beautiful; but that’s not what makes the bar special. The influences which the leadership team – owners Andrea Gualdi, Martin Hudak, Stefano Catino and Vince Lombardo – have brought together are international: the great hotel bars of Europe; the swinging sounds of 1960s Las Vegas; bartenders with backgrounds from all over the world; and a very Italian way of hospitality that is nourishing and bold, loud and – most importantly – a lot of fun. Maybe Sammy does all that a grand hotel cocktail bar does, but with more vibrance and whimsy (and without the hotel). Whether it’s Wednesday or Saturday when you stop by, you’re offered an escape from the everyday outside. Maybe Sammy is the winner of the Best Bar in Australasia Award 2021, sponsored by Asahi Super Dry.