Maybe Sammy

50Best Accolades

Each new visit to Maybe Sammy brings surprise. That surprise might arrive in the statuette form of a flamingo while you’re sipping on one of the best Martinis you’ve ever tasted (surreptitiously placed by a bartender when your back was turned); it might be when they break out the bubble gun for some mid-shift hijinks. And it has been that way since Maybe Sammy opened in 2019. Perhaps what’s most surprising is that throughout the mischief-making and on-bar entertainment, the bar team — led by co-owner and creative director Andrea Gualdi — never drops a step, each drink delicious, so well drilled and experienced is this team. Think of the place as a hotel bar, without the hotel attached: it shows the attention to detail, the warm, inviting service and the knowhow of a bar with 10 times the resources. Maybe Sammy also picked up the inaugural Michter’s Art of Hospitality Award and is The Best Bar in Australasia, sponsored by Torres Brandy.