Lucy's Flower Shop

Hidden away deep underground in a 20th-century building in the heart of Stockholm, Lucy’s Flower Shop is the very definition of quiet confidence. The muted, velvety decor in purple and red; the carefully orchestrated use of light and shadow; the precise movements of the bartenders behind the long, wooden bar – it’s like something out of a 1960s spy novel. The room itself is filled with intriguing secrets and dangerous smiles. That deftness of touch extends to the drinks, with cocktails rarely comprising more than four ingredients, delicately balanced in gentle alchemy to always offer more than the expected sum of their parts. The founding team of Ola Carlson and Alex Skärlén have brought their award-winning cocktail philosophy to a new level. The twist on the ubiquitous Vodka Soda on their opening menu is a case in point. Deceptively simple, even plain, at first sight. But sip – and discover layers and layers of delicate surprises.