Little Red Door

Figuratively and literally, Little Red Door has pulled away the curtains this year to reveal a new look. After seven years at the top of the Paris cocktail scene, it was time for a change, with street side windows now revealing what all the fuss has been about. Though there’s also new lighting and a blue marine colour scheme, the core principles of this avant garde bar remain the same. It is the flagship of the Bonomy Group, and of Paris, oriented to cater to the French capital’s discerning drinkers and the cocktail-curious international guest. The latest menu by Rory Shepherd and team, A Way With Words, is another cerebral exploration of the cocktail experience, this time lassoing our interpretation of flavour and language together. Each cocktail is named after a foreign-language phrase that has no direct translation into English. Na’eeman, then – a feeling of self-freshness and purity in Arabic – is interpreted through a light and floral drink of fermented agave wine, apple verjus, mastiha soda and hops.