Little Red Door

50Best Accolades

This cosy and cosmopolitan nightspot, entered through a red door in the pleasant Paris district of Marais, has been an almost constant feature of The World’s 50 Best Bars for a decade. That longevity isn’t down to classicism, but reinvention. Little Red Door has never stopped probing the conventions around cocktails and the way they are communicated to guests. Its current drinksmiths, Alex Francis and Barney O’Kane, continue to shine the creative torch: their latest menu, Flourish, builds on the bar’s new direction.

Digging deep into seasonal ingredients and their producers, Little Red Door’s farm-to-glass model places produce at the heart of the bar experience – and the decor, with the walls now adorned with producers’ portraits. So, expect drinks with simple names such as Carrot, but flavour wizardry behind them. This is still a venue characterised by cosmopolitan vibes and cocktails made with modernist techniques, but has a more profound purpose too: to reconnect people to the things they consume. All this contributes to a seriously eco-friendly model which helped the bar win the Ketel One Sustainable Bar Award 2022.