Line is the new venture from Vasilis Kyritsis and Nikos Bakoulis (the main faces behind The Clumsies) and Dimitris Dafopoulos, owner of a Grecian mixer brand. Located close to the city centre of Athens, the building used to host an art gallery and has an industrial look and feel with natural materials, incredible high ceilings and a beautiful tree-festooned garden. Line draws its inspiration from the dynamic and natural journey of fermentation, the seasonality of produce, the concept of sustainability and the synergy with small Greek producers. Putting emphasis on unexpected ingredients and unorthodox processing, Line makes its own fruit ‘wines’, beer and artisan bread.

Ingredients are swapped between recipes, producing an offbeat list of classic cocktails with a twist by employing wine by-products, such as dry and sweet vermouths, along the lines of the zero-waste movement. Line is also about creating a greater community of creative minds; a collaboration of different industries coming together in one house and creating something unique.