Licoreria Limantour

This Mexico City hotspot is a true leader in South American bar culture. Owner Benjamin Padron Novoa continues to work alongside industry-renowned bartenders José Luis León and Ricardo Nava to deliver a balanced blend of party atmosphere and internationally respected drinks in Mexico City. Limantour’s clean, simple decor is a contrast to the chaotic way of life in the city and the bar grabs hold of this energy and brings it off the streets for a drink. The space is always full, always vibrant and, most importantly, always fun – without the gimmicks. The drinks look bright and energetic but carry big flavours with elegance and balance, while the service is without doubt a world-beater for this style of bar. The bar remains one of the longest-serving venues in The World’s 50 Best Bars list with six consecutive listings and its popularity among the trade continues to rise with Mexico’s evolving cocktail scene.