Katana Kitten

A Japanese-inspired American dive bar named after a Samurai sword and a cat? Yes, that’s Katana Kitten – it probably shouldn’t work, but it most certainly does, not least because this is no thrown-together concept. It’s the embodiment of its owner, the loveable Japanese New Yorker Masahiro Urushido, who built on his home-honed skills by earning his stripes in some of the Big Apple’s best venues. He, backed by James Tune and Greg Boehm, have found that perfect balance of horizontal vibes and drinks that stand tall. For the full Katana experience you’ll want one of the Highballs (try the Toki Highball) or perhaps a Boilermaker – beer with whisky on the side. But Urushido is equally adept at more complex mixes; he has a shortlist of signature cocktails too. The Japanese skewers – reminiscent of a yakitori bar – will make you smile too. Just not as widely as Urushido, New York’s grand master of Japanese-American hospitality.