Katana Kitten

When you visit a bar named after a Samurai sword and a cat, you know you’re not in for a routine drinking experience. Katana Kitten is the digs of bartending’s greatest smile, the Japanese New Yorker Masahiro Urushido, who, off the back of pedigreed postings at some of the Big Apple’s best bars, created a very particular, personal venue with the backing of James Tune and Greg Boehm. In essence, this Greenwich Village bar is a hybrid concept – half American dive, half Japanese highball bar, with the sort of quality-focused offering yet everyman vibes that magnetise off-shift bartenders. Long whisky drinks are the popular choice here (try the Toki Highball), or for simpler pleasures, you’ll find a list of paired beers and whiskies (see Boilermakers). But new on the menu are Urushido’s Japanese seasonal takes on the Old Fashioned – this winter it’s Momiji, taking in shochu, houjicha, maple sugar, spice and a touch of dark rum. An American structure but with Japanese components – that’s Katana Kitten.