Jigger & Pony

As one of the top bars in Asia and largely home-grown, Jigger & Pony has always done things a bit differently. From introducing communal seating, to the Crystal Ramos Gin Fizz (which bar programme director Aki Eguchi says takes 72 hours to make), to how it takes care of its own people, to its latest magazine menu, A Decent Menu – the list goes on. The hospitality-driven owner partnership of Guo Yi Gan and business-minded Indra Kantono make for a powerful combo; their vision has led to a group of three bars, two restaurants and a new project, their biggest to date. In any case, Jigger & Pony’s new-ish space at the Amara hotel is very easy on the eye, has two separate spaces (and accompanying bars) to host myriad clientele and events, and has a great vibe to go with the drinks and food. You would also do well to stock Pony, its line of bottled cocktails born out of the pandemic. The Sakura Martini will live happily in your freezer for your next home happy hour.