Secluded as it is in a side street near the Youngstorget, you could easily walk by Himkok. Once you’ve found the door with a blue light next to Youngsgate 2, it’s time for an adventure. Himkok is the Norwegian for moonshine and its layout meanders across multiple floors. First, you’ll find the tiny distillery that produces roughly 80% of all spirits used in the house. They are shaken up into drinks in the many microbars around the building. The ground floor is completed by an atmospheric cocktail bar and a courtyard focused on local ciders and beers. Upstairs there is a barber shop and yet another bar serving cocktails on tap, appropriately named Taptails. But on a deeper level, Himkok is more than a bar – it is an institution that embodies Norwegian culture through liquid. Its sustainable practices are impressive too – there is little this bar of many levels does not do brilliantly well.