High Five

Now into its 11th year of operation, Bar High Five is a pilgrimage for cocktail aficionados. Fans come from afar to catch master Hidetsugu Ueno’s famous pompadour, the hard shake and taste his beautifully balanced classic cocktails, such as the White Lady or locally inspired creations such as the Full Blossom. His diamond ice carving skills are legendary too should you be so fortunate as to witness them. Located in the heart of glitzy Ginza, this basement bar relies on interaction with guests to hone in on preferred flavours and spirits and, with a swelling global audience, now has the international staff to enable this. As with many traditional Japanese bars, this is not one for big groups, more an intimate experience. You can’t book a table either, so cross your fingers and try your luck – if you find a spot at the bar, you won’t be sorry.