Hanky Panky

50Best Accolades

When it first launched, Hanky Panky was a real speakeasy, a private bar for founder Walter Meyenberg’s friends and family. When the buzz got too strong and outside requests came flowing fast, the owners realised they had something special and opened it more widely – although it remains hidden and difficult to find, through the back of a street food vendor. But the spirit of the place is still about friendship, old and new. More than just a bar, Hanky Panky sees itself as a community hub.

Passport, its current menu, is a tribute to relationships forged on the team’s travels, with drinks and ingredients inspired by different cities and encounters. Gina Barbachano and Ismael Martinez’s sensations, when exposed to a certain place, were translated into a recipe, and so when you’re coming from, say, Oslo, you get to taste your city as reinterpreted by a Mexican palate. In any case, you’re traveling, sip by sip, without moving from this classically designed room.