São Paulo’s Guilhotina is a place to lose your head, though not literally, assures bartender-owner Marcio Silva. The idea when this bar opened in late 2016 was to offer the Brazilian city a venue that dealt in great drinks and service but headlined on fun. Fast-forward a few years and Guilhotina is recognised as one of the most renowned bars in Brazil, attracting both local and international guests. A bar framed by peeling brick walls, high ceilings and piping and the original flooring – this is an unpretentious, informal setting where guests congregate around high stools, a porch and sidewalk tables. Behind the bar is a showpiece backdrop of modern shelving, accommodating plants, bottles and bar trinkets. Combined, they contribute to Sliva’s cocktail menu, which runs to 21 options, but here there’s no pressure to keep in line. Classics are only a bar call away.