Florería Atlántico

50Best Accolades
One imagines Florería Atlántico must have had some surprised visitors in its time, entered as it is through the nondescript door of a florist, but this is an ‘everyone’s welcome’ sort of speakeasy, attracting a wide-ranging Buenos Aires crowd to the old docks of the Argentinian capital. Indeed, Florería Atlántico’s whole premise is to celebrate the good and the great of Argentina, a country the produce of which is rich and varied, born out of diverse climates and centuries of immigration. The bar’s décor and drinks continue this narrative, telling the stories of the American bartenders who brought the culture of cocktails, the English and the Dutch with their gin and genever, the wines (and amaris) of the Italians, Spanish, French and Portuguese. Native American culture too features with forgotten ingredients brought to the fore of the Buenos Aires drinking scene. Far from being another clone of an international concept, Aline Vargas and Renato Giovannoni’s Florería Atlántico – The Best Bar in South America 2019, sponsored by Seedlip – goes its own way. It’s an ode to its country, its products and its people.