Employees Only

When you hit on the right formula, don’t change a thing – that’s the thinking at EO (as Employees Only is known to the trade), which is the only bar to have appeared in all 12 editions of The World’s 50 Best Bars. The EO MO is delivering top-end service, big-flavour food and fine classic drinks, but most of all, fun. It’s the kind of place, you go for a steak and a Manhattan for dinner, stay for one last drink at the seductive serpentine bar and end up chowing down on the bar’s famous 3.30am sober-up chicken soup.  The team of white-coated bartenders here may be formally attired, but they have the freedom to be informal. Against a smart, low-lit space that feels intimate, it’s these little seemingly off-the-cuff touches that make the EO experience memorable: the free soup, the shot with the bartender and the tarot reading at the foyer.