Drink Kong

Raised with the ambition to make a name for itself in Italy and beyond, Drink Kong is the first solo project by one of Rome's best bartenders, the Italian / Irish Patrick Pistolesi. In its look, feel and delivery, few could argue it hasn’t exceeded expectations. Its Blade Runner neon design merges with Japanese style, while from behind the counter a distinct sense of Roman soul is projected. Modern, rich and colourful, this bar is a blend of the facets and experiences of its owner. The result is a space that is perfect for an aperitivo or equally suited a late-night drinking experience. Its elegant and minimalist cocktail menu takes in contemporary drinks, made with the skilful use of a lab of drinks-making equipment, while classics are spun, taking them in new directions. This convergence of science and tradition makes Drink Kong a special place in the Italian bar panorama and its latest menu New Humans fitting perfectly with the situation we find ourselves in the bar world today.