Drink Kong

Set in a leafy square a short ride from Rome’s centre, Drink Kong is probably not the bar you would expect to find. Taking in ’70s futurism, King Kong and Japanese influences, this amalgam concept is set in a wrap-around space with nightclub-black decor, illuminated by little else than neon. This is a busy bar – locals and international visitors know Drink Kong has some of the most forward-thinking cocktails in the city.

Patrick Pistolesi is the man who brought this very particular vision alive and his new menu, Perimetro – launched in 2022 – is set to step into new ground. It follows the lauded menu, New Humans, which daringly guided the guest through taste profile via colours, adjectives and style, but with very little said of its constituent parts, beyond the principle ingredient. Take the Echoes of Banana, or Apples. Put it all together – the decor, the atmosphere and the drinks – and there’s nowhere in the world of bars quite like Drink Kong.