Drink Kong

As the first solo project by legendary Irish/Italian bartender Patrick Pistolesi, Drink Kong was never going to disappoint. Bearing one of the best bar names in the business, the Japanese Blade Runner theme with dark, simple furniture and bright neon signs also it one of the coolest decors, too. Despite only opening in 2019, the bar has become a key member of Rome’s cocktail scene and its gorilla face logo is becoming a brand in its own right. Drink Kong’s menu, New Humans, provides a simplified list of drinks based solely on flavour in a modern, chic layout. However, it would be easy to assume the drinks were simple in creation too, with a high-tech lab behind the research and development and production of its cocktails, and Drink Kong is almost certainly the only bar where you can hold world-class drinks in one hand and play an original 1980s Atari arcade machine with the other.


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