Dr. Stravinsky

Inset against the grey, centuries-old stone buildings of El Born are the striking red doors of Dr Stravinsky. They open into a world of liquid wonder, the likes of which has not been seen before in Barcelona – and scarcely anywhere else. This is the domain of Antonio Naranjo, one of Spain’s foremost drinksmiths, not to mention an alumnus of Himkok in Oslo. Where most bars are backdropped by bottles, Naranjo displays jars and flasks of his liquid alchemy. This isn’t just de rigueur craft bartending the modern cocktail renaissance has become known for, it’s ground zero creation – almost all of the liquids used here are processed or produced on-premise. For all the science, the decor is far richer than the usual sterile lab-bar look, with deep-red walls, hardwood features and a back-lit, gleaming back bar of homemade potions making this molecular mixology in a vintage setting. Cocktail recommendations for such a bar don’t make for a straightforward task. Venture with an open mind – the uncharted experience is Dr Stravinsky’s prescription.