Connaught Bar

Elegance in bar form, Connaught Bar is now in its 15th year and has set the standard for London hotel bars. It’s the marriage between classicism and modernity, traditionalism and invention, pulled off with such poise by Agostino Perrone, Giorgio Bargiani, Maura Milia and their team, who have together created a global icon. The current menu, Impressions, explores the encounters that shape experience, and like the bar itself, it knows exactly when to look to the future and when to draw on history.

The Cloud Nine is a highlight, with bourbon, orange vermouth, pistachio, raspberry and foaming bitters: viewed from above it gives the impression of gazing at swirling clouds. Like everything at the bar, there’s a pageantry and flair to the drink that never tips into showy. Instead, the Connaught Bar has found a way to normalise excellence, refine the hotel bar and create new traditions. And it goes without saying that the signature Martini, served from a bespoke trolly, is the true must-order first drink.