Industry veteran Jay Khan has an affinity for all things agave and thus created this Oaxacan-inspired temple to all spirits derived from the spiky Mexican plant. If you’re wondering what Coa means, look no further than the implement, a sharp cutting tool used to harvest agave plants that he hand-carried back from Mexico. It takes pride of place above the bar. Khan and his staff exhibit a deep passion for and knowledge of small batch Mexican spirits, mezcal in particular. Try ordering a tasting flight of several brands of different vintages, or even some sub-categories of agave spirits such as raicilla or sotol. Otherwise you can just as easily order an agave-based cocktail – the Mezcal Paloma is one of the most popular. The bar also has a delicious house-made tepache that is worth the visit alone. Nestled in a small street in Soho, this simple, modern, concrete and wooden bar is candlelit, pitching just the right mood, so settle in and enjoy.


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