Drawing from owner Jay Khan’s trips to Mexico, this Oaxacan-inspired bar – which takes its name from the tool used to harvest agave plants – is a homage to Mexican-produced spirits and all things agave. The collection includes tequila, mezcal, raicilla, sotol, bacanora, charanda and various pechuga mezcal that make up a hand-carried collection of close to 200 bottles. While Khan and his team enthusiastically advocate for agave, the cocktails here should not be missed. La Paloma de Oaxaca – tequila blanco, mezcal espadin, lime juice and grapefruit soda with a worm salt rim – has become the bar’s signature and has been served since Coa’s doors opened.

While there are signature cocktails, the menu will often feature something seasonal or inspired by Khan’s travels, such as the Bitter Melon Collins, which uses the herbs found in Thai green curry to recreate the flavour of the dish. Khan and team also hold regular tasting and education sessions called Mezcal Mission, which donate proceeds to local charities.


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