50Best Accolades

Welcome to Jay Khan’s shrine to all things agave. From tequila to mezcal, raicilla and sotol, the vast majority of Khan’s collection of bottles have been hand-carried from Mexico. The bar prides itself on educating guests on agave spirits and even holds a bi-weekly tasting and education event called Mezcal Mission, which donates proceeds to local charities. The bar’s decor is inspired by Oaxacan drinking dens Khan frequented on his travels and even depicts different types of agave plants through hand paintings on the walls around the bar. While agave is the name of the game here, the cocktail list shines in its own right, and the team are more than happy to make you a drink with other spirits. Don’t miss Coa’s addictive Paloma de Oaxaca – a cocktail so popular that a local brewery now cans it for retail. Coa is named The Best Bar in Asia 2021, sponsored by Torres Brandy.


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