50Best Accolades

Two years ago the revolving door of Carnaval, the venue of bartender Aaron Diaz’s imagination for eight years, finally opened. He is not only the creative mind behind the trendiest bar in Lima, he is also the prophet of a gospel called “coctelería conceptual”. At Carnaval, the team practise this belief: an idea, a memory, a journey or a mistake in the bar becomes a unique cocktail. There is a meticulous sense of detail: cups are handmade by Peruvian artists, there is an ice room (with an ice chef who designs each of the 20 types of ice) and a spirits bible that contains more than 300 references, from Bolivian Sangani to Japanese whisky and yellow Chartreuse. The cocktail menu, Alchemy, draws on Peruvian flavours ranging from signature cocktails such as Sachacool (pisco macerated with lime, mole pepper and sacha culantro) to the most daring inventions such as Central, made in collaboration with chef Virgilio Martínez. Debuting at No.13, Carnaval wins the Highest New Entry Award 2019.