Cantina OK!

Cantina OK! is the bar Sydney didn’t know it needed until it was gifted it back in March 2019. It’s the kind of small, quirky bar common to Melbourne’s scene that fuelled the jealousy of Sydneysiders for years: set back down a lane from one of the CBD’s busiest streets, the only clue to what is there is a selection of precisely placed small mirrors on the bar facing the street, which pick up the light. Mezcal and tequila are the main event, opened in a disused single car space big enough for just two bartenders to mix drinks. Owners Jeremy Blackmore and Alex Dowd have — with manager Alex Gilmour — long taken their staff to Mexico to learn more about agave; these trips have inspired their list, as they’ve brought back bottles and stories from far-flung palenques for their guests — the kind of stuff you can’t get anywhere else.