Café La Trova

Cuban legend Julio Cabrera built Miami’s Café La Trova as the definitive homage to his homeland. On display at the festive space in the Little Havana neighbourhood is the island's historic ‘cantinero’ style of bartending. Clad in sharp dinner jackets, Trova's cantineros perform acrobatics with their shakers and strainers, throwing drinks through the air and occasionally pausing to play rhythm for the band. Trova might be the best show in town, but the focus is flavour.

Classic Cuban drinks like Floridita’s Hemingway Daiquiri, aka Papa Doble (light rum, maraschino, grapefruit juice and lime juice) are presented alongside cheeky nods to the mother island, such as the Canineros’ Special, Trio Matamoros (single-barrel rum neat with cafecito Cubano and a cigar). Cabrera’s partner, Michelle Bernstein, keeps pace with an indulgent menu of Cuban classics ranging from an indulgent Rope Vieja to croquetas for every taste.