Bar Trigona

Bar Trigona’s raison d’être is sustainability and it shows at every turn. Named after a stingless honeybee native to South East Asia, the bar has developed a Save the Bees programme and throws itself in to community projects to protect indigenous species. The trigona bee’s sweet and sour honey becomes the focal point of a honey-based tasting flight, where the resulting sweet and sour honey features in the signature Trigona Old Fashioned and two other regularly changing cocktails. Head bartender Ashish Sharma recently launched a menu with clay pot-aged cocktails (this technique allows for more oxygen exchange and temperature control) as well as a tropical fruit-centric collection created by his team while he focused on the non-alcoholic options. All parts of the fruits are used for the drinks or in food preparations; the bar works closely with the kitchen to minimise waste. Flat beer and leftover wine also find their way into the bar’s creations with much success. After all, Bar Trigona strives to find new techniques to help the ecosystem every single day – no wonder it won Asia’s 50 Best Bars’ Ketel One Sustainable Bar Award in early 2020.