Baba Au Rum

Baba au Rum brought a revolutionary admiration of cocktails to the Greek capital when it opened 13 years ago, and to this day it remains the bar in Athens’ now thriving hospitality scene, held in highest regard. Its power comes from owner and manager Thanos Prunarus, a man who straddles the old school and modernity. Here, things aren’t overhauled but instead attentively developed, moving with the times while maintaining warmth and familiarity. The Spicy Baba has been the bar’s most popular cocktail since 2010, but the recipe and ingredients have been continuously revisited and refreshed – the basics kept the same but specifics modernised and improved. While Baba au Rum is first and foremost a rum bar, the menu does move beyond the spirit. Try a Smokin’ Mexican, which balances mezcal with fresh avocado, organic agave nectar, barbecue paprika and lime.