Baba au Rum

Now in its 14th year, Athens’ Baba au Rum continues to lead the trends in what has quickly become one of the cocktail capitals of Europe. The secret behind the bar’s endurance is to be found in the impeccable taste of manager and owner Thanos Prunarus, whose love for the modernist movements of Bauhaus, Dada and the Avant-Garde can be felt in the bar’s decor and sensibilities. It feels tropical but there are no trappings of the cabana kitsch – Baba feels urban, vital and authentic.

Even the hand-bound menu is a thing of beauty and the recent recipient of the Greek Design & Typography Awards EVGE 2022, but it’s the contents that truly sparkle. Primarily a rum specialist bar, Baba doesn’t scrimp on the stuff, boasting 400 rum labels. The Rum Society list spins classics and post-tropical drinks, while the Avant Garde menu looks forward and brings in other spirits. Try the De Stijl Silver Fizz with pisco, cherries, lime, red berry vermouth and a pineapple soda – the perfect refresher. The bar recently expanded with the team opening a speciality coffee house and cocktail-inspired patisserie, In Love Again, in a venue opposite – making it finally possible to have a baba au rhum from Baba au Rum.