Baba Au Rum

Celebrating a decade since it opened its doors in downtown Athens, Baba Au Rum is bar-world royalty. As the name suggests, this is a rum specialist, but one that does not confine itself to the usual tropical tiki trappings. Its owner, Thanos Prunarus, who is often found conducting a warm Athenian welcome, is an ambassador for rum, his city, but a citizen of the world and, through its décor and influences, his bar is aimed at like-minded cosmopolitans. The Avant Garde menu has seen a reboot this year. Try The Modernist with rum, spices, citrus and rose blossom vermouth – a fine way to whet the palate. Elsewhere on the bar’s Avant Garde menu are cross-spirit cocktails to suit most tastes, but if rum is your course of travel, head straight to the Rum Society list for the bar’s refined spins on journeyed rum classics.