50Best Accolades

It’s not always that you get to experience a classic venue at its peak, but with Attaboy you get it every night of the week. After nine appearances in The World’s 50 Best Bars (this year earning the title of Rémy Martin Legend of the List), Sam Ross and Michael McIlroy’s New York haunt – now led on the cocktail front by the inimitable Haley Traub – hasn’t lost its leading edge. The foundations were always strong – this, it’d be remiss to overlook, was the site of Milk & Honey NYC, a godfather of the cocktail renaissance; Ross and McIlroy its acolytes. But from the start, Attaboy had a more everyman appeal, with laid-back vibes, exposed brickwork and minimal fuss. Here, there’s no menu, so just give the bartenders a few clues and they’ll find answers from their repertoire. But if it’s your first time, try Ross’ legendary Scotch and honey cocktail Penicillin, his Paper Plane – a bourbon and bitters drink – or McIlroy’s Greenpoint with rye, vermouth and green herbal liqueur. All three are bona fide classic cocktails that call this place home.


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