Taking its name from the ship that sailed Jason and the Argonauts to the Golden Fleece in the ancient Greek myth, Argo is housed in the Four Seasons Hong Kong and helmed by the hotel’s beverage ambassador, Lorenzo Antinori, assistant F&B manager Summer Lo and head bartender Yvonne Chan. Argo’s cocktail menu gives a glimpse into the future, using ingredients that may become a luxury due to the climate crisis, as well as alternatives to these at-risk ingredients. Each ingredient is showcased in two cocktails – one exploring its origin and one exploring its evolution.

The evolution of spirits is also explored in Argo’s Field Guide cocktail list, which is split into five categories: Modernist Spirits; Collaborative Creations; Philanthropic & Socially Conscious; A Sense of the Land and Clash of the Worlds. Think AI-produced gin and the world’s first molecular whisky. Don’t miss the signature Argo Martini, with the choice of a citrus or savoury hydrosol made using seasonal ingredients, topped up with Argo’s custom-made gin and served with a ‘magic’ olive garnish.