American Bar

Although the American Bar took a break in 2020, you could say it was well earned. The Savoy’s flagship bar is the longest-surviving cocktail bar in the UK, having served up its ‘American-style drinks’ since 1893. Its reputation as a landmark of cocktail history is down to its legendary bartenders – historic figures such as Harry Craddock and Ada Coleman among them – and the fact that this building is the home of countless classics, the Hanky Panky and White Lady to name two. But allied to this rich history is American Bar’s refusal to rest on its laurels – to think it won The World’s Best Bar award almost 125 years after it opened. So, on the one hand you have a day lounge with a pianist and cream-suited bartenders orchestrating seemingly choregraphed five-star service, and on the other a bar with a drink called Purple Rain using glitter as one of its ingredients. Here, traditions are important and none more so than the tradition of progress.


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